What to do in the Miami Airport when you’re stranded

I can’t say I didn’t know it would happen. That feeling of foreboding had been there through the whole trip. Even astrology had warned me. I was traveling during a Mercury retrograde – the ruler of communications and travel which usually wreaks havoc on all plans. This is Murphy’s Law’s cousin with hurricane type destruction.

On my way back to Puerto Rico from visiting family and friends, I had a layover in Miami. This airport is notorious for its delays so I was mildly prepared for my flight not to leave on time. However, I was not prepared to be stranded. In Miami. For TWO days. While broke. Do not misunderstand me. I was glad to get off a defective plane. Really glad. But what is there to do on such an expensive city for two days while you’re very, very low on cash and relying on airline vouchers? Here are just some of the things that I discovered:

  • Hotel personnel can be very useful. Through them I found out that I could take a $10 bus roundtrip to the Dolphin Mall (instead of a $40 cab) from the Airport Hotel.
  • Strangers can be interesting. I met many interesting people just by being open and friendly. This technique also helps time go by much faster.
  • Exploring the Airport is an adventure. I found seculded, deserted bathrooms and sitting areas, away from all the hustle and bustle of the main gates. There was a spa which provided mani-pedis, massages and a very useful sleeping pod for those without airport hotel beds to nap in.
  • Go into your own little world. I always take way too many books and notebooks when I travel. But they come in handy when you want to go back to Pemberley or write down that perfect little quote.

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